Tiree Cottages - Booking Conditions for Mackays, Myrtle Bank and Stevie's cottages and Skerryvore Chalet





1. The contract made when you book is between the hirer and the owner. The hirer agrees to ensure that all occupants abide by these booking conditions
2. Full instructions will be forwarded to you on receipt of the final payment, including directions to the property, arrangements for obtaining keys, and contact in the event of problems.
3. The hirer agrees:

  • to be responsible for, and take reasonable care of the property during the let.
  • not to smoke indoors.
  • to make good any loss, breakage or damage caused and to notify the owners of such damage.
  • to leave the property at least as clean as it was on arrival, and to return all items to their original places.
  • to permit the owner or his representatives to enter the property at any reasonable time to carry out needed repairs.
  • that the number of persons staying shall not exceed the maximum number advertised for the property without the owners' consent prior to arrival.
  • not to camp or pitch tents in the garden ground.
  • to read the information supplied about the property and comply with instructions therein.

4. Pets are only allowed with prior agreement. The hirer is expected to provide bedding and
food bowls for the pet and to keep them off furniture and bedding. Pets should never be left unattended in the property, left to roam freely outside, soil the garden ground or allowed to be a nuisance to persons or livestock nearby.
5.The £95 deposit paid when booking is non refundable.
The balance (ie full amount of rental minus the deposit) is due six weeks prior to the booking. If the balance has not been paid within the six week time period, the owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and to re-advertise the property as available for let and also to accept an alternative booking. In event of the hirer cancelling the booking within this time for any reason, after having paid the balance, the owner agrees to readvertise the booking in an attempt to re-let the property. If the owner is successful in re-letting the property to another client, the owner, at his discretion, will reimburse the balance (or part of the balance if the property has to be re-let at a reduced amount). Please note that if the property cannot be re-let, the balance will not be refunded. It is strongly recommended that the hirer takes out a travel insurance policy with a cancellation clause, which may entitle the hirer to recover non-refundable money paid out.
6.The hirer is responsible for keeping to the times specified by the owner for entry to and leaving the property.
7. In the unlikely event that the property is unavailable for a reason outwith the owners control (eg fire damage or any other reason) then all money paid will be refunded . However, no further liability will fall on the owner. In no event shall the liability of the owner exceed the rental paid.
8. The hirer agrees to bring any problems to the attention of the owner or his representatives as soon as possible in order that a remedy can be attempted.
9. Customer details essential to manage the lets are kept securely online. The owner commits to keep this data secure, and not to share it with any third party.
10. Every effort is made to ensure all aspects of the property are as advertised. However, no liability will be accepted for items outwith the owners control, eg flood, drought, power cuts, nor for injury or loss on the premises. Safety information and equipment is provided within the property, and those staying should read the safety information on arrival.