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Mackays cottage and Skerryvore chalet in Balephuil Tiree and Myrtle Bank and Stevie's holiday cottages in Mannal Tiree, offer self catering accommodation for holiday let on this 'sunshine' island in the Inner Hebrides. Tiree is the outer most island of the group of islands of the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. Tiree has beautiful and unspoilt countryside and the self catering holiday cottages and the chalet accommodation are an ideal base for a variety of activities.
self catering holiday cottages Balephuil Bay Tiree is famous for its beaches. About 4 to 5 minutes walk from Mackays self catering holiday cottage and Skerryvore Chalet offering self-catering accommodation is the beach at Balephuil Bay. The beautiful, clean, sandy, beach which is often almost deserted is about one mile in length and is one of the most beautiful on Tiree.
Tiree cottages A view of Balephuil from sand above the beach.
sea close to self catering accommodation

The picture to the left shows the rocky coastline just 40 metres from Mackays Cottage and Skerryvore Chalet .

Tiree is famous for its windsurfing beaches. It is ideal for surfing, boogie boarding, walking, mountain biking or kite flying on the often almost deserted beach at Balephuil!

Along the single track road towards West Hynish seals can often be seen.

Tiree kite flying Tiree bird watching
Tiree Gott Bay Balephuil Bay Tiree

Above shows a sunset across Gott Bay, another of the beautiful beaches on the isle of Tiree.

The pictures to the right and below show Tiree in different moods. All these shots are taken no further than 200 metres from Mackays holiday cottage and Skerryvore self catering accommodation.

tiree calm
tiree in wilder mood tiree in another wilder mood